Jan 26, 2011

Time For New Things!

I regret to announce that this will be my last blog post ever... on this blog.... because I have my own website now! :D

Please make sure to update your bookmarks (or add one if you haven't already) and to update to my new RSS feed as well (or start following if you haven't already)!

This fancy new website thing will be the new home not only for all my future bloggings, but also the home for all of my creative endeavors, including indie games, portfolios, random crafts, and even my oldest Flash work. My goal is to be more active with my posts, being sure to at least let you guys know what I'm up to. I have some exciting things planned indeed :]

This blog will still be kept intact since I don't feel like migrating all of my old posts over to the new system. However, that doesn't mean there isn't any content yet on my new website! Here are a few points of interest:

  • A Games page, formally gathering all of my indie games work!
  • Individual pages for Grandfather, [Together], [Yesterday], and more, all able to be commented on! Think of these pages as the unofficial discussion forums, or something!
  • An About A Bean page, including a self-interview where I call myself out on things.
  • More cardboard! :D
I just wanted to say thank you all for taking an interest in my work! I wouldn't be putting this new website together if I didn't want to continue making new things and pushing myself to create, so rest assured that I will be looking forward to showing new things in the near future!

See you on the other side,