Jun 13, 2009

Apparently I Make Miniature Houses, Too.

The project here was to make a Wizard of Oz-themed retirement cake that leads to a house with the phrase "There's No Place Like Staying Home." I was tasked with making the house and helping out a bit with the cake (grass and brick laying, below).

Working from memory rather than reference

Plans for the house made in Flash. I tried to create it
in as few pieces as possible, for stability's sake.

Pre-taping phase

Chimney, bushes, and Roosevelt

I don't even think people could get this low to the cake.

Sunroom located in the back. Windows were made
super tinted for lack of better materials
(we're talking 1/2 in. width for the whole thing)

Assorted views. Coloring done with Prisma Colors.

Beginning of cake. That lemon brick road was delicious.

Coconut grass. And lots of it.

Not as grandiose as Emerald City,
but it sure seems a lot cozier.