May 4, 2009


So, my senior thesis at Ringling has finally been completed! Production started in December of 2007 and really hasn't taken a break since. I couldn't have done it without the help of my teammate, friend, and partner in crime Patrick Haskew, the other half of Team Bonesaw. Clicking the image above will take you to my website where you can (finally) watch it. And for those of you wanting a few more pixels for your pleasure, here's a link to the HD version on YouTube.

In other news, my second project for senior year is also completed, though it's of a much smaller scope (17 months vs. 4 weeks). It too is available to view on my website, under the Animation section.

Other than that, I'm off to graduate from Ringling in a few days. What I'll be doing after that, I'm not too sure. I have a few Flash games I'd like to polish up and finish, so look out for those in the coming months.

We'll meet again someday soon :]