Nov 30, 2007

The Bean Bag, ver. 4. Finally.

The Bean Bag

I finally got around to updating the look of my website that showcases my work in Flash, including games, experiments, and animations from the past that I'm glad I've learned from. I went for simple this time around, making sure that it doesn't take too long to get to anything on the site.

The bad news is that there's nothing new on the site content-wise. The good news is that I'll be adding a game I've been working on for a few months relatively soon. I just have some things to tighten up before it goes live. I suppose more good news is that all of my games work in Firefox now, which had nothing to do with me. Firefox simply doesn't support a feature that naturally works in IE. It's been resolved on my end, though, so everything should be fully functional now. Enjoy.

Nov 27, 2007

Informal Introductions

Greetings Everyone,
As you no doubt have guessed, this is my blog. I thought I'd start things off with a piece from my Drawing for Animators class. The first image shows the general order of progression I went through to get the composition, while the second image is my final piece, after adding values, color, blurs, and other assorted visual candies. I rather enjoyed working on this piece.

And the final drawing:

That'll be about it for now. I plan to use this blog for school work - including animations, images, and gaming materials - as well as things for fun, such as Flash experiments and games. It should be pretty fun as I get more content here. Until then, enjoy yourselves.