Dec 6, 2010

...But That Was [Yesterday]: Soundtrack!

Click to go to download page!

I've finally gotten around to putting together a mastering of the soundtrack to my latest Flash game, ...But That Was [Yesterday]!
  • There are five unique tracks totaling 10 minutes of music based very closely after the events that take place, with some added flare here and there that I never got to add to the game.
  • A bonus sixth track is included, which is just the first five tracks seamlessly connected (meaning the bonus track is as long as the rest of the album :D)
  • Tracks 2, 3, and 4 can be rearranged in any order since they are identical in beginning and end, and have gapless playback encoded.
  • 300x300 album art included for you ID3 junkies :] (pictured above)
  • Click here to go to the download page!
The voting period for CGDC9 should be ending either today or tomorrow, so be sure to check out the results (and go play all the awesome games. Vote too if there's still time!)

Enjoy and happy listening!


Bercebus said...

I really like your flash game, is very original and beautiful. A lot of thanks for the OST, I apreciate it.

AnoNimouss said...

please please please let me download your game so i can store it in my har drive and one day show it to my kids please!!!

Viajero Astral said...

Fantastic game!!

Its me or Mediafire is VERY SLOW? it must be that everybody is downloading it.

I recomend a mirror in Megaupload.

Danathielle Louise said...

It opened my eyes to many hardships I faced in my life. Losing friends, loved ones... What matters after all are the good memories and everything you've learned with them.

...I guess it's time to move on indeed.

Anonymous said...

well made game thank you

Show you said...

please please please allow me obtain your online game so i can shop it in my har generate and 1 evening display it
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Edén Creativo said...

I Love This Game :)

Cool Red said...

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Neocargalpha said...

This is the most beautiful mini game I played, made me cry and think about anything

Shyzuto said...

Thanks you so much, this game was so amazing, i shed a tear in the end because of the story, the artstyle and also because of this AMAZING music.
I'm just so freakin happy xD

Shyzuto said...

Thanks you so much, this game was so amazing, i shed a tear in the end because of the story, the artstyle and also because of this AMAZING music.
I'm just so freakin happy xD

RyoSaeba said...

hehehe very nice track brò


Tony Chew said...

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Chaves Truid said...

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Unknown said...

Love from China in 2021.
Such a fantastic piece of art。

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