Dec 23, 2007

Have You Blasted Your Metroids Today?

[located in the Games section]

It seems as if I had to have the semester end before I could make any progress on my Flash work. Thusly, this time of the year allowed me to finish working on Metroid Blaster, a game I started almost a year ago. The original purpose of the game was to take a beloved franchise (Metroid), change its genre (platformer/adventure to arcade action), change its controls (controller to keyboard/mouse), and see if it still functions.

As per usual with all of my Flash games, I always try to learn something new that could benefit me later. In this game, I finally dabbled in the world of stereo sound. Hopefully my effort in that department is working. Other than that, I had to cut a lot of content out of the game, for if I continued working on whatever I thought could be added, it probably would never get finished. Omitted items include missile powerups, various level designs, fusion Metroids, and a final boss Metroid that doesn't fit on the screen.

Many thanks to my beta testers that helped me out over the summer. And for those of you Metroid fans that feel the need to mention it, I'm well-aware that there were never any Metroids in Old Brinstar. That level simply has a fond place in my pixelated memory. Have fun playing and enjoy.